Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Wedding of Sean & Sheila

"My husband and I are highly satisfied with the products we received from Love Story Production. Carolin, our videographer, was very helpful in presenting us several different options, such as incorporating interviews, adding highlights, menu, and a beautiful DVD cover that you help create. She really went out of her way and put in a lot of effort into the making of our wedding DVD, including filming and editing. Our video was an original, presenting many creative elements that we thoroughly enjoyed.
To anyone teetering on whether or not to hire a videographer for their wedding, we highly recommend Love Story Production as an affordable high-quality alternative. In the end, we hadn't planned to purchase any extras, but once we saw what a fantastic job LSP had done, we decided to pay the extra fee to get our 4+ hours of behind-the-scenes raw footage. Well worth every penny!!! Memories are meant to last a lifetime. This video is something that you and your families will enjoy for generations to come." Sean and Sheila

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